Our Service

We provide value-based quality assurance services to our clients and their stakeholders. We recognize that each client is unique. Therefore, our professionals utilize sophisticated tools, along with extensive experience, and a dose of common sense to each engagement.
  • Public Companies

  • Audit and Assurance

  • Tax Compliance and Advisory

  • Merger and Acquisitions

  Professional Services                                         

Advising Chinese companies on IPO (Initial Public Offering), RTO (Reverse Take-Over), SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) and Non-Publicly Offered Mutual Fund with auditing, taxation, internal control, and financial report consulting. Preparing financial reports under US GAAP.

Providing full range of financial and tax services for Chinese companies setting up, investments and acquisitions in the United States, including financial and tax due diligence, tax planning, auditing, tax reporting, asset valuation, bookkeeping, payroll and cash management, etc.